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There has been years of hype leading up to the May 4th release of The Avengers and now Marvel is in full promotional blitzkrieg mode. I actually heard about one awesome event that is going on where movie theaters will be having a sort of Avengers prequel marathon the day before The Avengers comes out. May 3rd will have moviegoers’ butts grow numb as they watch Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger in a row. By the time Captain America ends, it will be just about time to strap in for the grand premier of The Avengers. The fact that tickets to this marathon only cost $40 is a nice little bonus, although there has been no word on whether or not movie theaters will raise prices on food and drinks or start charging entry fees for restroom use. Unfortunately, you are not likely to be able to enjoy this amazing event if you live outside of California or New York.

Nobody wants to miss out on any opportunity to look into Robert Downey Jr.’s eyes.

Three of the ten theaters where this event will take place are in California, and two in New York. Well, I’m counting New Jersey as New York based off of evidence provided by the New York Jets’ home stadium. That is fully half of the possible locations. There will also be showings in Massachussetts, Florida, Washington and Virginia. Basically, if you don’t live by the coast, you are left out on this one. That includes me, in my poor landlocked state.

Landlocked and the setting for the unspeakable horrors of Carnage USA.

I understand why this is the way it is. Those states all have pretty significant markets that Marvel would like to appeal to, especially California and New York. Still, there are few things more frustrating for fans than hearing about these awesome events and not being able to take part in them. Sure, we can all just watch these movies on blu-ray from the comfort of our couches, but it’s just not the same. As comics become more mainstream they are obviously going to be targeted to more mainstream audiences; that’s just business. This leads to further philosophical questions about how the growing acceptance of comic books in mainstream culture affects those of us in smaller markets who have been fans for a long time. Sometimes it feels like we’re getting left behind a little. I don’t feel like going into hipster mode and preaching about how I liked comics before they were cool, because we know that they were always cool. Perhaps that is an article for another day. For now, I will just have to sit back and make due while those in larger market areas enjoy the benefits of Marvel’s amazing events. For a more detailed list of movie theaters that will be having this marathon, check out MTV Splash Page.


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Posted by Jordan On March - 14 - 2012
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