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Our direct future sees the release of The Avengers (awesome, I know), and the more distant future sees even more opportunities to bring to life the colorful pages of the comics. However, the large number of superhero flicks that have come to fruition have been received mostly with negative reviews by the critics. Until Christopher Nolan turned the Batman franchise into artwork, superhero movies were looked down upon as cotton candy films. Loki does not agree with this.

Loki is very disappointed in you.

In a wonderfully written blog post for “The Guardian“, actor Tom Hiddleston spoke at length about the pride he takes in his role as Loki, and the power superhero movies can hold in the imagination and in the canon of strong cinematic characters. The Hulk is our anger, and Bruce Banner our shame of that anger. Bruce Wayne is Hamlet, forever trying to avenge the death of his parents. Captain America is the paradigm of military pride, and his placement in a time not his own, challenges his belief in himself and his country. All of these characters show an amount of depth that could challenge any actor, and in the case of Robert Downey, Jr., redefine a career.

I believe his career is now defined as “being awesome”.

Some may scoff at this, and bring to the conversation the CGI and use of special effects as taking away from what could be a moving story if it wasn’t lost in the muddle of too much grandiose computer work, but Hiddleston reminds us that the first moving film in 1895 put us on a path to where we are right now. What we are doing with movies now would shock and amaze the minds of the past. Perhaps the depth of superheroes is distorted by the colors and movement, but perhaps it also puts a magnifying glass up to the spectacle of flawed individuals who just happen to be able to fly.

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Posted by Aidan McKiernan On May - 3 - 2012
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